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✿ Hello! (●`・(エ)・´●)

This is rainystripe.  I’m a 22 year old in L.A, US who also goes by the names: mari and rainy. Love drawing and do so quite often but hardly ever post? lmfao. My music interests mostly lie in kpop, jpop and the occasional Adele songs. Love anime/manga/drama’s. Love cute things and sometimes guro.


-The Legend of Korra|Adventure Time|Young Justice|The Vampire Diaries|Regular Show|Victorious|Bleach|To Aru Majutsu No Index|AquarionEVOL


Lav/Dami [oc’s w/ Led] |Ranka Lee/Alto Saotome [Macross Frontier] |Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore [The Vampire Diaries] |Harry Potter/Hermione Granger [Harry Potter] |Batman/Wonder Woman [DC] |Superboy/Miss Martian [Young Justice] |Mako/Korra [Legend of Korra] |Tenzin/Lin Bei Fong [Legend of Korra]


2NE1|Girls’ Generation|BIG BANG|Wonder Girls|KARA|RAINBOW|Miss A|Sistar|T-ara|Orange Caramel | TroubleMaker


Cillian Murphy|Megumi Nakajima|Katerina Graham|Choi Sooyoung|CL

Blog tidbits:

I’d like to think that I can post whatever I want, but if you have problems with spoilering certain things, please hit up my ask box and inform me, I’ll try and fix the problem then. Other than that, I post what I want. My blog, my rules~

-sometimes post NSFW/eechi related things.


-text posts. PLEASE TUMBLR SAVIORblah blah blah ’ if you don’t want to see my posts.

-I always answer asks. If you think I’m ignoring your’s please remember that at times tumblr likes to eat them :C So feel free to re-ask!

-I POST A LOT. so beware!

-☆☆☆ I’m taking art commissions, info is on the side bar ☆☆☆

-thanks for stopping by! Don’t be afraid to chat!



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